Babies need to be held. It is as basic a need as the need for food and warmth, and is essential for brain development. Research shows that babies who are held and carried and have their need for touch met during their first year grow to become happier, more social and more independent as a result. So how can we, as the parents, relatives, caregivers of these tiny babies meet that need without staying trapped inside on the sofa, or wearing out our arms and shoulders by carrying them around holding tight? Use a sling!

Slings allow us to give a baby (or toddler, or pre-schooler!) all the closeness and cuddles they need whilst still getting out and about. We can go and meet other friends for lunch and chat, get to a playgroup for an older sibling, or even just grab a bite to eat from the kitchen without leaving our little ones alone. And in fact this involvement with our daily routine is exactly what babies need to further develop their brain; they can see and interact with the outside world from an adult’s eye level, whilst their muscles are exercised as they gently move in time with our movements.